Food @ The Clubhouse

Kashmari Chilli our NEW Gastro Indian Dining Experience @ St. Mellons

Chef Amar and his Team welcomes you to The Clubhouse @ St. Mellons and their Kashmari Chilli Gastro Food and Dining experience.

The Kashmari Chilli Gastro Dining Experience offers you a wide range of food from the "Traditional" to our great Indian Cuisine ....................... your options are endless.

We arguably serve the best Indian Food of any Golf Club in South Wales and beyond as we offer incredible food at great value from polite and friendly staff.

We highly recommend our Chef's Speciality dishes and know that you will enjoy every taste.

So take a look at:

Food @ St. Mellons

ToGo Food @ The Clubhouse

We also now offer a complete ToGo  food (takeaway)service - available to both Members and Non-Members alike. Choose from a vast range of Curries, Baltis, Biryanis, Tandoori dishes and more. 

So take a look at our  NEW Amar's ToGo food menu now and contact the team to order or discuss your requirements on:

Telephone: +44 (0)1633 680408 - Option 5 or Contact Chef Amar on +44 (0)7913 345681 or email:

Please note that the online / delivery service is not yet available (it's on it's way) - so it's collection only for the time being.


Amar's ToGo Menu @ The Clubhouse

A. Indian Street FoodD. Indian Mains (continued)
1Delhi Samosa Chaat£5.259Fish in Mango & Coconut Sauce£13.95
2Chicken Pakora£5.4510Saag Paneer£8.45
3Indo Chinese Chilli Chicken£5.9511Paneer Makhani£8.45
4Indo Chinese Chilli Paneer (V)£5.9512Yellow Dal£5.95
5Chicken Frankie£7.2513Chana Masala£5.95
6Paneer Frankie (V)£7.2514Bombay Aloo£6.95
7Bombay Fried Chicken Goujons£7.9515Aloo Mutter£6.95
8Bombay Fried Chicken Burger£7.95
9Bombay Fried Fish£7.95E. Biryani (Main) Served with Raita
10Bombay Fries (V)£3.251Chicken Tikka Biryani£9.95
11Chicken Tikka Sandwich£5.452Lamb Biryani£14.95
12Chicken Tikka Panini£5.753Tiger Prawn Biryani£14.95
13Chicken Tikka Salad£5.754Veg Biryani£8.95
5Paneer Biryani (V)£9.95
B. Clubhouse Specials6Chicken & Aloo Biryani£9.95
1Clubhouse Classic Plain Burger£7.95
2Clubhouse Cheese & Bacon Burger£8.45F. Extras (Sides)
3Tuna, Red Onion & Mayo Sandwich£5.951Chapati£1.75
4Prawn Cocktail Panini£7.252Paratha£1.75
5Tuna, Red Onion & Mayo Panini£7.253Steamed Rice£2.45
6Welsh Steak Salad£7.954Pilau Rice£2.75
7Prawn Cocktail Salad£7.255Green Peas Pilau£2.95
6Mushroom Fried Rice£3.25
C. Indian Starters7Egg Fried Rice£3.25
1Poppadom & Chutneys£2.958Chunky Chips£2.95
2Onion Palak Bhajees£3.959Sweet Potato Fries£2.95
3BBQ Chicken Wings£4.95
4Paneer Pakora (V)£5.25G. Desserts
1Chocolate Fudge Cake with Cream£3.95
D. Indian Mains2Cheesecake with Summer Fruits£3.95
1Chicken Tikka Makhani£8.953Gulab Jamun£3.25
2Chicken Madras£8.954Rice Pudding with Nuts£3.25
3Chicken Jalfrezi£8.95
4Chicken Tikka Masala£8.95
5Saag Chicken£8.95
6Lamb Rogan Josh£13.45
7Saag Lamb£13.45
8Tiger Prawns in Mango & Coconut Sauce£13.95

All the above items are subject to availability.

FOOD ALLERGIES & INTOLERANCE - if you suffer from an allergy / intolerance that could endanger your health we strongly advise that you contact the Amar's ToGo team (on the telephone number(s) above) directly prior to placing your order. 

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