Dress Code

Visitors and members are respectfully asked to conform to the following dress code, which just means wearing a good standard of golf attire at all times.

On the course and practices areas.

The following are acceptable.

1. Golf shirts with long or short sleeves and turtleneck tops. Sleeveless shirts are acceptable for ladies.
2. Tailored golf trousers.
3. Cropped trousers skirts and skorts for ladies.
4. Tailored golf shorts with the length no more than 3 inches above the knee.
5. Socks to be worn at all times.
6. Gentlemen must tuck shirts into the trousers shorts at all times.

The following are not acceptable

1. Blue denim jeans, beach or leisure shorts, cargo shorts or trousers or tracksuit bottoms.
2. T-shirts and sun tops or crop tops.
3. Trousers tucked into socks.
4. Trainers or sandals.
5. Non-golfing shoes on the golf course or practice grounds.

In the clubhouse.

1. Smart casual at all times, which includes smart denim.
2. Clean, smart trainers, soft spikes and dimple golf shoes are allowed.


All golfers are requested to observe the etiquette of golf, with particular reference to

• Slow play. Please let through faster players, without delay.
• Repair pitchmarks.
• Rake bunkers.
• Replace divots.
• Keep to allocated tee times.
• Observe the safety of all players at all times.

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Can we remind all players of our local rule: Strictly no trolleys or buggies to be used in between the bunkers and the greens. Please adhere to this instruction. Thank you.